Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fancy Stuff and a New Friend

Hello Everyone,

It has been a little while since I have shared with you. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We had a very nice time over the holidays and even got a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus. I spent a lot of time lounging around and even managed a few peices of bacon but shhhh remember, please don't tell Peggy!

I would like to mention that I have heard Peggy and Layne telling people about some specials they will be having on rooms in February.  Peggy told someone they could find all the information on Facebook.  What a funny thing, I hear so much about that Facebook all the time!  I try to look at Peggy's page when she is away but I never really understand any of it.

Last of all, I would like to mention that I also overheard Peggy and Layne talking about finding me a friend. I am really not sure how I feel about this as I really enjoy doing what I want whenever I want without some other dog messing it up for me . . . then again, I do get lonely sometimes. Perhaps a friend would add a little more adventure in my life. Do you know any good dogs that would make a good friend for me? One condition though - I refuse to share my bacon!

That is all I really have to share for now. Please come visit me again soon. I think this year will be a great year in the Olympic Peninsula! Don't forget to book a room during the Wine and Chocolate Festival in February. See you soon!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Big Visitor!

As I have said before, we have all sorts of visitors at The Inn at Rooster Hill but I don't remember any being this big . . . or furry!  While he was here, he ate all our plums and apples.  He would just stand there shaking our trees and even broke the top off one.  The other guests had to stay away from him and I also had to be super quiet while he was here.  He didn't even pay - what a difficult guest!  I was a little confused but Peggy said that he was a black bear and that black bears do not not need a bed and that they can find their own breakfast.  I had noticed!  There were a lot of people interested in our visitor.  People from some place called the "Wildlife Department" were asking all sorts of questions.  So exciting living near the Olympic Peninsula! Here are some photos of our guest.  They are not very clear but you get the idea!
Peggy thinks he was about 800 lbs.  I don't know what that means exactly all I know is he was reeeeally big!  A bit of a coward if you ask me though.  He ran whenever he would hear a noise.  He left after a few days and maybe went home.  People say he came down from the Olympic National Park and maybe lived near Hurricane Ridge.  I am just glad I can run around and bark all I want now and he can think twice if he ever thought I was going to share any of my bacon!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fun Friends

One of my favorite things about living at a bed and breakfast is meeting so many new friends. Well  . . . also the bacon . . . I love the bacon!  Peggy has been telling the guests not to feed me the bacon because I needed to watch my figure but some guests sneak me a little now and then.  Shhhh don't tell Peggy!
My friends Madison and Hunter
As I was saying, I do love meeting so many new and wonderful people.  A few weeks ago we had some nice visitors from a place called Georgia.  I do not know much about that place I have never been there but it must be a nice place because my new friends live there.  My friend's names are Madison and Hunter.  They really liked exploring and I liked to listen to the stories they would tell about their adventures.  One of the funny stories I heard was about how one day they went to Madison Falls. While they were there, Hunter fell in!  The best part was when Hunter said it was funny to "fall into his sister's waterfall".  You get it? . . . See aren't they funny?! 

I do miss Madison, Hunter and their mom and dad.  I heard that they got to hike Mt. Ranier after leaving.  Maybe they will be able to come back and visit again and tell me some of their stories about that. Oh and even better - maybe they will come back to rub my belly some more! I hope you enjoy the photos of my friends!
This is a photo of their whole family at the top of Hurricane Ridge

Friday, July 9, 2010

finally a minute for Peggy to Blog for me

Okay so besides Bacon there is one other thing i love more than anything in the world,  a Belly Rub

This year is definitely the year of the belly rub.   People from all over the world come to rub my belly.

I find if i drop and roll right in front of them they just cant resist it.  This week we had a family visiting us from Randolph, N.J. they have a dog and they were really missing it.  So whenever I saw them coming back from the Park i would run up to them fall over and they would laugh and i would get the rub for a very long time.   I then showed them my tricks at breakfast and then i got some more belly rubbing.

Then there was the family from Sioux Center Iowa they had two lovely young girls - and the girls had a bijon at home named Angel.  They said that i did better tricks though and they played with me every day they were here.   Now they are gone they had to leave early and catch a ferry to Victoria, i will miss them.

I am hoping to post a picture of my new friend oscar though.  He came with his owner (layne and Peggy let her bring her dog).   That was so much fun we ran around and around the tables and I think I wore him out.   We played outside for a very long time.  His owner was able to find trails and hikes that she could take him on.  She found a guide book that had trails for people to take their pets on.  I think he was just tired from all of the hiking he did.  But i really liked him, the only problem we had is that he wanted the other guests to pet him.  I dont allow that at this B&B because the guests are mine and so are the belly rubs.    This looks like a busy week and i am sure there are more to come, I cant wait.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What I will do for a little bacon

You all know i love love love bacon.  Recently our conversations have been around bacon and the guests not giving it to me.  I have a new friend named Jacqueline and she sent me some liver treats from Trader Joes -  now these are good -  i will work for those too.  So a guest was able to take a picture of me doing this i will show you all i can do this unique trick with one ear or two on command

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some of our latest visitors

Lately Peggy has been a little behind on keeping up on my blog.  I sat by her chair today here in the office and scratched at her arm and said please update my blog and tell everyone about the car club that was here this weekend and then how about the Family from Canada that came for the Victorian Ball.

So this last weekend we had a group come in that all drove these really cool cars.  They were called Morgans.  Traveling from Oregon up to Canada where they attended the annual Morgan car club.  These cars are really neat, but i did notice there were no backseats which would be awful if you were a dog because you couldnt hang your head out like i can in the back of Peggys convertible.

I did my tricks for them all this morning but no one had any bacon left.  This was a problem, as I really like bacon.  Peggy bought these substitute low fat soft treats that are okay and I did the tricks for them, but really it was'nt anywhere near bacon.

I am going to put the picture of their cars up because they were really neat.  I wish i could have had a ride. 

Oh and lets not forget about that lovely family with those two beautiful young girls that loved to sit and pet my belly.  Here to attend the Victorian ball by the historical society the very first year it has been held in Port Angeles.   They were 13 and 16 and loved me.  I bet they knew that they were coming to see me before hand because they knew my name when they got out of the car.   They came downstairs ready to go to the Victorian Ball and looked so awesome in their gowns and said they had the best time. 

Notice that I am getting another Belly Rub