Monday, August 23, 2010

Fun Friends

One of my favorite things about living at a bed and breakfast is meeting so many new friends. Well  . . . also the bacon . . . I love the bacon!  Peggy has been telling the guests not to feed me the bacon because I needed to watch my figure but some guests sneak me a little now and then.  Shhhh don't tell Peggy!
My friends Madison and Hunter
As I was saying, I do love meeting so many new and wonderful people.  A few weeks ago we had some nice visitors from a place called Georgia.  I do not know much about that place I have never been there but it must be a nice place because my new friends live there.  My friend's names are Madison and Hunter.  They really liked exploring and I liked to listen to the stories they would tell about their adventures.  One of the funny stories I heard was about how one day they went to Madison Falls. While they were there, Hunter fell in!  The best part was when Hunter said it was funny to "fall into his sister's waterfall".  You get it? . . . See aren't they funny?! 

I do miss Madison, Hunter and their mom and dad.  I heard that they got to hike Mt. Ranier after leaving.  Maybe they will be able to come back and visit again and tell me some of their stories about that. Oh and even better - maybe they will come back to rub my belly some more! I hope you enjoy the photos of my friends!
This is a photo of their whole family at the top of Hurricane Ridge

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  1. Coco, you have the best life. I bet you got all sorts of belly rubs while they were visiting you.