Friday, July 9, 2010

finally a minute for Peggy to Blog for me

Okay so besides Bacon there is one other thing i love more than anything in the world,  a Belly Rub

This year is definitely the year of the belly rub.   People from all over the world come to rub my belly.

I find if i drop and roll right in front of them they just cant resist it.  This week we had a family visiting us from Randolph, N.J. they have a dog and they were really missing it.  So whenever I saw them coming back from the Park i would run up to them fall over and they would laugh and i would get the rub for a very long time.   I then showed them my tricks at breakfast and then i got some more belly rubbing.

Then there was the family from Sioux Center Iowa they had two lovely young girls - and the girls had a bijon at home named Angel.  They said that i did better tricks though and they played with me every day they were here.   Now they are gone they had to leave early and catch a ferry to Victoria, i will miss them.

I am hoping to post a picture of my new friend oscar though.  He came with his owner (layne and Peggy let her bring her dog).   That was so much fun we ran around and around the tables and I think I wore him out.   We played outside for a very long time.  His owner was able to find trails and hikes that she could take him on.  She found a guide book that had trails for people to take their pets on.  I think he was just tired from all of the hiking he did.  But i really liked him, the only problem we had is that he wanted the other guests to pet him.  I dont allow that at this B&B because the guests are mine and so are the belly rubs.    This looks like a busy week and i am sure there are more to come, I cant wait.

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  1. Oh, Coco, I want to come visit you and give your belly a rub! Are there places to ride bicycles there?