Saturday, June 12, 2010

What I will do for a little bacon

You all know i love love love bacon.  Recently our conversations have been around bacon and the guests not giving it to me.  I have a new friend named Jacqueline and she sent me some liver treats from Trader Joes -  now these are good -  i will work for those too.  So a guest was able to take a picture of me doing this i will show you all i can do this unique trick with one ear or two on command


  1. Someday, Coco, I'll see you do your trick. You are so cute. What's new at the Inn?

  2. Well this weekend some really good belly rubbers are staying. so with the weather being so beautiful I am watching Layne and peggy work outside. This has been a really nice weekend for getting out I am hoping we can get the convertible out and drive to Lake Crescent this afternoon I have a booster seat in the bag seat of the convertible so i can look around. And the lodge at lake Crescent is so pretty to go walk around.