Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some of our latest visitors

Lately Peggy has been a little behind on keeping up on my blog.  I sat by her chair today here in the office and scratched at her arm and said please update my blog and tell everyone about the car club that was here this weekend and then how about the Family from Canada that came for the Victorian Ball.

So this last weekend we had a group come in that all drove these really cool cars.  They were called Morgans.  Traveling from Oregon up to Canada where they attended the annual Morgan car club.  These cars are really neat, but i did notice there were no backseats which would be awful if you were a dog because you couldnt hang your head out like i can in the back of Peggys convertible.

I did my tricks for them all this morning but no one had any bacon left.  This was a problem, as I really like bacon.  Peggy bought these substitute low fat soft treats that are okay and I did the tricks for them, but really it was'nt anywhere near bacon.

I am going to put the picture of their cars up because they were really neat.  I wish i could have had a ride. 

Oh and lets not forget about that lovely family with those two beautiful young girls that loved to sit and pet my belly.  Here to attend the Victorian ball by the historical society the very first year it has been held in Port Angeles.   They were 13 and 16 and loved me.  I bet they knew that they were coming to see me before hand because they knew my name when they got out of the car.   They came downstairs ready to go to the Victorian Ball and looked so awesome in their gowns and said they had the best time. 

Notice that I am getting another Belly Rub


  1. You have the most fun being a Inn dog, Coco! I love seeing life through your eyes. By the way, do you ever have bicycle riders who stay with you to ride their bikes around your area?

  2. Kathleen - we do get a lot of bike riders here because there are so many great trails to ride on. they usually show up with them on the back of their cars. or they can rent them too and go ride the new adventure trail. Layne and Peggy took me out there a few months ago and it is really cool. Not good for a street bike though.